Chemistry World

4 February 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the researchers’ work and their sometimes unusual methods to study their animal of choice in more detail. I think it is these personable insights that will make the physics more approachable. Its tone is jovial and packed full of pop culture references."

Katrina Krämer - Science correspondent, Chemistry World

Science News

21 January 2017; Volume 191 Number 1

"A fun, informative chronicle of how myriad animals take advantage of the laws of physics."

Sid Perkins - Science writer


17 January 2017; Volume 355, page 253

"Furry Logic is an important book that is equally inspiring and humbling."

Mirko Kovac - Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College, London

Booklist Review

1 December 2016

"Many readers will see the word physics in the subtitle and sheer away from this captivating work, but even the most phobic will be reassured as Durrani and Kalaugher demonstrate how animals use physics in their daily lives. Bad jokes, cool animals, and easy-to-digest physics make this one a winner."

Nancy Bent

Kirkus Review

1 November 2016

"Light science reading that informs while it entertains."

School Library Journal

1 November 2016

"Readers don't need a background in physics to enjoy this engaging, educational title. Recommended for fans of popular science, including YA audiences."

Popular Science – 5 stars *****

25 October 2016

"A fresh and enjoyable take on an aspect of the workings of animals that is rarely covered - a worth addition to the popular science hall of fame."

Brian Clegg - Science Writer

The Daily Telegraph - 4 stars ****

15 October 2016
Four shakes a second

"An appealing mix of familiar animals ... and the life stories and weird research techniques of physicists and biologists, past and current, famous and unknown."

Andrew Robinson - Author, writer and journalist

Publishers Weekly

3 October 2016

"Durrani and Kalaugher approach their captivating material in a lighthearted fashion...The examples are often fascinating, but Durrani and Kalaugher’s larger message about the need to integrate the sciences is far more important."

BBC Wildlife

October 2016

"An enlightening and entertaining slant on two very different scientific disciplines, rendering a tricky subject accessible."

Stuart Blackman - Science writer

Media Appearances

NewsTalk Ireland – The Moncrieff Show

20 October 2016


The Page 99 Test

18 February 2017
Matin Durrani and Liz Kalaugher's “Furry Logic”

Nature Physics

3 February 2017; Volume 13 pages 107-8

"Animal magic" -- Matin Durrani explains why physics teaching in schools could be transformed by highlighting its role in the animal kingdom.

How it Works

December 2016

"Amazing animal survival science: Animals have it tough but using the laws of physics helps them to stay alive” – By Liz Kalaugher and Matin Durrani"

[no online link]

Big Issue

October 24-30 2016 Issue 1228

"How to hear the music beneath the waves" – Liz Kalaugher looks at why the sea is not as quiet as you think.

Institute of Physics

"Science journalists get to grips with the furry logic of animals" – An interview with Matin Durrani and Liz Kalaugher about why they wrote Furry Logic

19 October 2016

First News

"Why Dogs Shake" and "Heating Up" – By Liz Kalaugher and Matin Durrani

7-13 October 2016

Talks and Festivals

Festival of Physics

University of Exeter

26 November 2016

Institute of Physics, Southwest Branch


23 November 2016